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Having a pond installation is a quality way to add detail to your garden. We can develop solutions for domestic and commercial properties around Dorset, using our expertise in garden design and pond installation to achieve an eye-catching water feature.

Ponds are not only pleasing to the eye but also attract a variety of wildlife. You’ll be rewarded with a front-row seat, watching nature at its best. Daily contact with nature has been proven to better health, reduced levels of chronic stress as well as improve overall concentration.

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If you are looking to add character to your property, then a pond installation is a beautiful way to do this. We will first gain an understanding of your requirements in terms of size depth and general use. We will then conduct an assessment for the groundworks, ensuring the installation runs as smoothly as possible. Not only that, but we use quality equipment and materials to ensure a clean and eye-pleasing solution.

Our aim is to supply you with a beautiful pond installation in Blanford Forum, that you will love for years to come. For more information, make sure you call our team on 07769 903 054.

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful pond is a complex task that requires expertise and ongoing care. Whether it's a small garden pond or a large landscape feature, each pond has its unique set of requirements when it comes to maintenance. We specialise in providing comprehensive pond maintenance services to ensure your aquatic feature remains in optimal condition.

Our services cover all aspects of pond care, from water quality testing and treatment to the maintenance of aquatic plants and wildlife. We also provide cleaning services, including sludge and algae removal, to keep your pond looking its best. Our team of highly skilled professionals understands the intricate balance required in pond ecosystems, and we're equipped to handle any challenges your pond may present.

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